Do you like to play an online gambling game but would you rather do this without real money? Of course you can! All casinos allow you as a test player where you can play virtually all games. Depending on the casino you need to create an account for this. This is allowed on all devices.


The games that you cannot play include live games. This has to do with the fact that a real croupier is present and the gaming site would rather not have it work for free players. Progressive slots are also often not free to play. These are the slots with high rising jackpots. This has to do with the fact that these often special slots are linked to large jackpots.


If you play a gambling site without depositing real money (practice mode) you cannot win real money either. However, it can sometimes pay to play for free! The site wants you to play for real money, you can occasionally get an offer for an exclusive bonus. Of course you can ignore this if you do not want it.


In addition to playing for free without the chance of real money, there is a way to play for free and to have a chance of real money. If you use a ‘bonus without deposit’, you will receive a few euros of play money or a certain amount of free spins. The profit that you get with this is real money. Please note that conditions of this kind apply to bonuses. These are there to prevent you from not paying your winnings immediately and the casino losing a lot of money. Playing for free has another advantage, the knowledge of the game. By playing for free you will be able to invest more and test techniques faster. If you know the game through and through, you can, if you play with real money, be more likely to win.